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I am Sarmite, creator of brand SA Crafts. Then, when knitting and crocheting are a hobby that takes a lot of time, then you have to turn the hobby into work.

As you work, I thought I liked the family, my relatives, my friends, why not keep everything nice and good for myself, I decided to give the others. Its hobby has become a job, makes a lot of work to be ready.

Works shall be able to purchase prepared from a collection prepared for sale, or to order the clothing or toy that you want, which will be made within a specified time limit, which can be learned by agreement on the performance of the work.

How to order - knitted clothes or toy?

You can order knitwear and toys with the colours and types you choose. When placing an order, each toy will be made within a week. Knits within 2 weeks. This nuance will be dissuaded once you've placed your order.


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